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Can’t Play a Media File? VLC Media Player — 4 Comments

  1. GOM Player is better. It has just about every facility you could think of (and some you couldn’t even think of)as well as a full set of codecs.

    Among many other functions, you can set playback speed, or brigthness, contrast etc on the fly with mouse buttons or keyboard combos.

    It even plays partly-downloaded video files.

    And it’s free.

  2. VLC Media Player can play broken media files but not for all file types. The same with file speed but it’s in the options menu.

    Brightness and contrast should be auto managed through your video card and if not use your video card program to do it not a media player.

    I’m pretty sure GOM uses a lot more resources than VLC Media Player does.

    I have had experience with GOM which was to play flash media files.