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cmdline.dll keeps reappearing — 8 Comments

  1. hi,
    I have the same file and my avira antivirus says it is a trojan horse or a dropper. Is it now dangerous or how can I remove it?

  2. I found that avira will eventually remove it if you scan from safe mode. I’ve found that “new” malware is often not detected, and even if it is, it cannot be removed until the antivirus / antispyware companies have had some time to “think about it”. If you don’t have any technical expertise in this area, then call an expert who knows what they’re doing.

  3. Hi, I also have this problem. It has only just occurred (yesterday) and the symptoms are that most file types will not open (except *.bmp) and I cannot do a soft shut-down. It only occurs when my Optus ADSL2+ modem is switched on. I run AntiVir PE classic and it doesn’t find anything unless I restart the PC without the modem switched on. Then it finds a new virus/trojan everytime and always in cmdline.dll. This is a problem! Is Optus causing this problem?

  4. I’ve also found that “hijackthis” is excellent at removing malware… but you really need to know how to use it. I once ruined an infected system by removing the wrong thing using hijackthis…

  5. I’ve run a full check using VirusTotal, asked various experts and even phone Optus. No luck.
    I’ve now disabled dsc.exe (using msconfig) and all my problems have disappeared.

  6. Disconnected your dsl cable from your computer
    uninstall YES optus software(the one you installed when you recieved modem).
    Reconnect youre dsl cable. Use as normall cmdline.dll can now be deleted

  7. Bill says
    I stopped problem by disabling DSC but at start-up windows firewall is turned off each time but switches itself back on after about 30 secs.does this mean optus or someone else is checking on me

  8. You’re a legend Glen! That solved my problem. After months of trying to figure out how to delete that file and having my system running like a snail with phone calls made to Optus (who by the way told me it had nothing to do with them) and to Norton (who were going to charge me $135 bucks for their ‘expert virus removal’) I’ve finally got rid of that damn file.

    I will be making a complaint to Optus first thing monday and let them know so they can make other customers aware.