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Computer Aid blog outage — 2 Comments

  1. I’m very surprised that you had problems with Netfirms. I’ve been using them for years and years for many different sites and I rarely have a problem with them. I also find their customer service to be very good, and appreciate the fact that you can contact someone by phone – every other place I tried had some online ticket thing that you’d wait a day or more to get a response on, then get some canned message and have to reopen the ticket cuz there was no real answer there.

    Anyway, I’m not trying to promote Netfirms, just sharing my experience with them – you’re the first person I’ve known who also had their hosting there.

  2. I think the problems are somehow due to a large delay between making certain changes, and the changes actually happening.

    EG: At one point, I thought: Ah, good, my blog is working at last… but only the main page was working… viewing individual blog posts gave an error message… but a few hours later, the individual posts were “magically” working again (with no input from me).

    Another example was that most changes to .htaccess would stop my site from working (including any 301 redirects from computer-aid.com.au to http://www.computer-aid.com.au). Yet a day or so later, I could use the .htaccess file from my original host, and it worked normally… I guess I I deal with netfirms again, I’ll need to remember to (possibly) allow a few days between changes.