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  1. “I do like the idea that franchisees are using their own money to indicate how committed they are to working to my rules.”

    That doesn’t necessarily follow. Just because he/she is a Franchisee, they won’t necessarily work to “your rules” (despite what you put in your Agreement). If you get a bad one, a franchisee can stuff up your reputation worse than a poor contractor—and may be much harder to get rid of. If they’ve paid you money to buy a franchise, they’ll have certain rights against cancellation, and you may then have to “prove” your case—which isn’t always easy.

    If one bad MacDonalds franchisee makes a bad move, what do you see in all the news? “MacDonalds stuffs up again” or similar.

    There’s no substitute for choosing your representatives carefully. That’s not easy either.

    Don Penlington

  2. Hi Don.

    This is the first time I’ve had to fish a comment (yours) out of the akismet spam filter… I’m not sure why your comment was regarded as spam!

    Anyway, you make a valid point. But either way, I need to choose my reps carefully.

    And if I was good at that, then I should go start an employment agency…

    I guess what I’m trying to say, is that most people (including me) are not experts at interviewing and judging people.

    Its a risk, and I need to account for it, and minimise it as much as possible.