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Corrupt XP user profile (which mysteriously dissapears) — 2 Comments

  1. Had a similar event with XP removing a user after I added a new user a/c. XP would only accept the new user as ‘Administrator’ even though there was an existing 1 & both a/c’s existed until I rebooted then original admin a/c was gone – with no system or data (My Docs folder) files visible. I found that restoring the system to an earlier time resurrected the old admin a/c & files, but removed the new user a/c whilst leaving new user “profile” & system files, etc. Trying to re-create the same new user a/c added a trailing {name}”.something” descriptor which then caused further problems such as ‘Start’ menu empty, IE6 wouldn’t work (cyclic reloading of pages as soon as ‘Done’ appeared), etc. I had to create another new admin a/c to change the dud 1 to ‘Limited’ to delete it & manually remove system files/profile, etc.