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Delete Junk Files quickly and easily — 4 Comments

  1. It looks simple, which I like. I wonder if it cleans the ‘temp’ and ‘temporary internet files’ of every users folder hives, or just the currently logged in user?

    When the situation seems ripe for it, I am doing a ‘rmdir /s ‘ from a CMD box for each users temp folders before malware scans and cleanups. Anything that can shave a few minutes and keystrokes from my tasks is always welcome.

  2. eh, That program looks Dangerous deleting i386 files and service pack uninstallers…. Alot of damage could be done with programs like that, and end up corrupting windows.


    — Christopher

  3. Christopher,

    Why do you think it’s dangerous to delete i386 files and service pack uninstallers? I’ve been a professional computer tech for many years and wrote the program. It will not corrupt windows at all. It’s designed to get rid of all the ‘junk’ that’s safe to get rid of, and nothing that’s not.

    Mike H