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dhcp works, but internet is blocked — 2 Comments

  1. Perhaps Trend Micro Security had added a “new network” to it’s records and the wrong option had been selected. ie… allow or block. Perhaps “disabling” Trend Micro only disables particular parts of it. These over the top ultra-intergrated security applications are a pet peev of mine. I don’t like how the security applications require an incredible amount of input from the user to become functional. I mean, if a user is asked by a firewall whether or not to allow an application with an odd file name that does not relate to what he/she is doing at the time, to access the internet, does the user click “Yes” and risk instant infection or click “No” and risk loss of internet connectivity? I used to dislike only nortons, but these days their pretty much all the same. Norton, CA Trust, Trend etc etc etc.

  2. No, I disabled Trend by disabling all relevant services, registry startups, and start folder entries.

    It was effectivley gone (but re-instateable). The problem was not Trend (this time).

    But I agree, Trend, Norton, CA, etc are all the same: rubbish!

    I have also developed a reluctant respect for Windows Defender… it works, with a minimum of fuss.