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difficulties with bigpond internet security: cryptextq.dll, browselect.exe infection (and a faulty CD drive) — 19 Comments

  1. Do not under any circumstances get big pond security. Its a rip off. I incurred a Trojan virus. Did Big pond security pick it up? No way Jose.

  2. yep bigpond is crap, it cannot delete certain spyware, viruses it seems to be fairly good, and anti spam is no such thing with the program, always displays; cannot connect with anti spam server. also much failed updates. recommended programs to download are; Avast antivirus, and spybot.
    Hope that is enough info guys n gals.

  3. Thank for the feedback people.

    Its good to hear that I’m not the only one to have problems with BIS.

    I’d like to expand on Samurai’s list and say that avira antivir is really good… I use it together with windows defender, winpatrol, spyware blaster.

    Always remember: there is NO security software that can always guarantee against infection. Just beware when using P2P filesharing, IM, and make sure you always update your software (including windows updates).

  4. Have you spoken to BP and asked them ? There is a removal tool that can be emailed to you to remove it .

    Afterwards empty the recycle bin and delete temp internet files.


  6. Big thankyou to Grrrrrrrrrr, for the authentium link, I’m not a techie and have been having computer problems for months with BIS and after days of useless phone calls and emails Telstra still could not help me get rid of it! Finally it looks like its gone !!!!!

  7. If you want to get rid of bis, call bigpond security tech support at 133 933 then option 1, option 1 , option 1. Just request for the removal tool so that it will automatically delete the residual files stored on your pc. for further help on any bis problem, u might want to try their online technical support at http://bp-iss.custhelp.com , it will help a lot and would save much of your time calling their telephone support

  8. if bis is installed on ur pc and u cant access certain site, click the “x” button on top right of your bis console, then select bp security set-up. then untick block ads, bloc pop-up and anti-phishing. then click save or apply and click ok.. then try again to visit the site. this should work.

  9. Daryl,

    you just have to call BIS and request for a removal tool, that is ofcourse you have to follow the instructions carefully,even if your not a “techy person” you can still do it just as long you know some basic knowledge in computer.simple as that.
    And guys,if you know that BIS is a crap,,then why the hell people are still subsribing to BIS?….

  10. and also regarding SPYBOT?…that is only a false positive,so even if your try to delete it several times,,that wont work.:)

  11. After many different installs on customers machines and many different problems with connecting after install. I rang bigpond security tech support and after discussing with the third tech found solution to all problems.

    You do at own risk

    First remove all real time scanners e.g. spybot search and destroy, ad-aware etc. (malware anti bytes is ok as long as you do not use real time protection)

    Remove any anti-virus programs

    Obtain bigpond security toolkit via email link sent when requested from tech support and use to uninstall bigpond security to remove all traces left in registry after previous install attempts.

    Scan and Clean registry till no problems reported (3x on one machine) I used ccleaner.

    Turn off windows defender

    Turn off internet explorer’s phishing filter and privacy settings.

    Open email sent by bigpond containing product code and link to installer.
    Read carefully as it contains special instructions for vista UAC installation.

    When ready disable windows firewall and immediatly click install link in email.

    Follow install instructions.

    When finished install and update you will need to shut down computer shut down all routers and modems then restart modem first, when fully booted the router next if used, and then computer. This is needed to set correct firewall settings.

    You can use either windows to control phishing sites or bigpond security not both, same applies to internet explorer inprivate filtering or bigpond inprivate filtering not both also use windows firewall or bigpond firewall not both and realtime scanning such as windows defender or bigpond anti-spyware not both.

    My computer fly’s now after weeks of false spyware positives, 30 second page loads sometimes unable to display at all. sudden freezes requiring reboot etc.

    All problems gone after doing above

  12. Hi amarkrieder,

    Thanks for the detailed information.

    But it also proves that most people should stay away from BIS.

    Your information will be useful for technically competent people who want to use BIS (if there is anyone like that out there).

    But for an average (non-technical) person … ie most people who get “convinced” into buying BIS… removing and re-installing BIS is probably too complex, and unlikely to be done correctly.

  13. 28th OCt 2009. BIS. 3 months of my internet usage being blow over the limit, last month 25gb gone in 5 days after the billing cycle, never had any probs with internet usage till I tried BIS, being told many times its d/l’s are unmetered, then was told max of 15mb, well this piece of **** the whole 3 months Ive had it downloads/fails/downloads/fails. Silly me read some crap about it but was nearly 1 year ago was thinking they should have the crap sorted out NO. I agree KEEP AWAY from this piece of crap security, uses so much resources, pc runs hell slow, internet is hell slow. BIS people recommended I try turning it off and seeing if net runs faster (it did) but they want me to pay for it, but turn it off so I have quicker internet access? What a ****ing joke.

  14. Thank you fr3stiler for your comments. Same has been happening to me with BPS since took it on mid August on changing to broadband after 11 happy years on dial up doing everything that I want at under 300mb per month. In the last 3 weeks have more than 900mb with spikes each time the BPS is updated. Only 6 of which are unmetered. Accounts told me today that updates have been unmtered but as from last week there will be a ‘charge’ of 15mb per month but didn’t know why subscribers hadn’t been notified.

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