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fast fw54u (rt2571 chipset) RT73 wireless driver — 13 Comments

  1. Thanks for the response.
    Could you tell me whether there is a second chip in there identified as RT2528L?

  2. I’ll take a look tomorrow morning and let you know.

    I came across a faulty one a while ago (I don’t like wave-soldered / reflow-soldered chips… all the electrical contacts are under the chip… no way to resolder a bad solder point using a conventional soldering iron).

    It would only work if I twisted the usb plug in a particular way… annoying.

  3. oops, sorry about the delay Terry,
    lots to do, not enough time…
    Anyway, there are about 2 discrete transistors… loads of capacitors, a small chip (U3AT66A) with just 8 pins, and a sealed metal “cage”… which I assume has some RF stuff inside. I’ll pry it open (its stuffed anyway)…
    Ah yes, under the shielding we have:
    a small 6-pin chip.
    A larger 16-pin (cant make out the writing)
    and a big chip with: RA logo followed by: RT2528L , CR33000D0 , 0551ST
    Hope that helps.

  4. My usb adapter doesn’t work. Sometimes my computer says
    that it is unrecognizable. Sometimes it doesn’t have any contact. I think it’s broken. It used to work just fine. What is your opinion?

  5. Hey! I can’t seem to find the right driver in the site supplied here. am I doing something wrong or is it actually that hard to find?

    This dongle used to work just fine on a chinese windows 7, but after I changed it to windows 7 ultimate in english, it’s unrecognizable and WILL NOT WORK!


  6. Rotern:
    Tienes que usar la opcion de actualizar controlador(driver) y desisntalar los que ya pusiste…
    Aunque yo use windows XP.

  7. Gracias por la ayuda … Ya desesperado, y decidió comprar un adaptador nuevo. ahora funciona correctamente con Windows 7, en Inglés:)

  8. I just bought a rt2571 wf, which was inside a belkin f5d7xxxxxxx

    i dont remember the belkin model but it was version 3002 which was displayed on the bottom of the package.
    But it is just a basic belkin wireless g usb adapter that i bought from conns.
    It was relatively expensive compared to walmart and other places at conns it was i think 49.99 us which at walmart you could get a wireless n adapter for that cost.

    But conns wants to rip people off so i couldnt stand for that so i brought it home popped open the belkin casing, yanked the rt2571 out and glued a usb tip back in and filled the case up with a bit of glue as well to compensate for the weight of the chipset i just took out.

    I let that bitc# dry over night repackaged it the next morning and went and got my money back………

    thats what a store gets when they wanna rip the public off f conns but they had the chipset i needed because im cracking wep in linux bt4 virtual machine and now its a bitch to find adapters with the capabilities of the chipset mentioned above cuz it barely ever tells you version # on the package so its a guessing game…….

    Hope this helps