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HP M3027 CB416A: is it worth it? — 6 Comments

  1. wow, I didn;t know HP engineer can come up with such as lousy design and functionality.

    Sound like a big hassle to own one of those multi-function printer.

  2. as an employer considering purchasing this machine for a company of 10 people that do a lot of scanning what is your opinion? After initial set up issues was the scanner functional?

  3. Hi Quell,

    Yes, once the device is working normally, it would be ideally suited for a small office.

    I can’t say what its like on a long-term basis, as I haven’t re-visited the customer (except he did call about a week later, as he had a HP tech working on the device (an problem unrelated to my work)).

    Obviously having the scanner “send” the documents to your PC is ideal for your environment.

    Your only problem might be that with 10 people, you might need to buy a second device.

    I have since seen a few other scanners that operate using the “network” method I described.

  4. Hi,

    I didn’t get your name, but would like to thank you for sharing your experience. As an IT technican / advisor, I understand that all this takes time and energy. Unfortunately I am not in position to donate yet. I hope soon 🙂

    I wonder if you can meet ends with these types of suport. Usually, it’s a pity customers do not know the hassle the IT man goes through and when he hesitantly charges one hour (after working almost two), they request a discount.

    But there are some gentleman out there!

    All the best,


  5. Hi Shu’ayb,

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

    I did revisit the customer recently, as their PC developed a fault, and was replaced.

    That meant that the PC-side software needed to be re-run, and I discovered another interesting quirk:

    The PC software lets you setup new scan profiles (eg I had previously setup a “black and white” profile, and a “colour” profile… but with the new PC, I took a while to discover that I couldn’t alter the existing profiles… I had to delete, then re-create the colour & black and white profiles… easy once you know how… weird if you don’t know.


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