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ibm netvista with loud fan noise and error 0135: fan failure — 9 Comments

  1. ibm netvista with loud fan noise and error 0135: fan failure.

    Ok, i swear i must be a computer guru or something becasue i allways seem to find ways to fix things within a day or 2.
    I had this problem with my ibm netvista. I open the case and removed 2 fans which are located at the front of the machine. They Clip in and out with ease. When i got them free, they where fall of dust and basicly clogged up to the brim. I cleaned all the crap out of the fans and pluged them back in to the bord and restarted the computer. Same things happends, same noise, same error code…0135 fan fail

    How to fix these stupid fan error codes.

    When the computer starts, it will ask if you would like to enter the setup by pressing F1. press F1 and enter the setup.
    Once in system setup, go to your fan settings. Should be in there somewhere. Change the fan speed from normal to ”HIGH”. Apply the changes, save and exit. Problem solved. This guy should of called me lol 🙂

    im leaving this becasue solution becasue i know plenty of other machines have also failed with these error. Thank me later lol 🙂

  2. I had the same problem, fan running full-speed, error 0135, but for me changing the speed in the BIOS did the trick! I’m happy it did that fan was very annoying!!!

    Thanks for posting your experiences.

  3. my pc teke te same error 🙁 but seaching te solution i find its blog 🙂 in my case reducting te speed of fan solve te problem of normal a quiet but the fan is now stoped 🙁 the pc can be blow for high temperature 🙁 I sechging anoter soluction farewell

  4. Chris,

    Not familiar with netvista, but had same problem with lenovo m58p desktop. My CMOS doesn’t support fan speed change, but when trying today, I noticed that system fan (CPU) wasn’t pinned to CPU tightly enough. So putting fan correctly and pushing it to CPU with blue-ended metallic pin (hope your model has something like that), resolved noise and CPU is getting more air now. Seems like CPU was informing CMOS about heat and message was appearing when pushing F1 key “0135: fan error”
    Hope this will be useful


  5. Thank god for the internet.
    Thanks Chris, your advice
    helped me set my fan to quiet mode
    instead of jet engine mode lol


  6. Tengo Idea Centre B320. Al intentar encenderla, aparece error 0135: fan failure, atribuible al cpu fan que no funciona. Alguien puede aportar una solución?, ya que estoy fuera de garantía y Le Novo no tiene servicio técnico en Buenos Aires