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  1. Yep, avg is good, but on its own, it doesn’t stop spyware and spyware-like programs (like incredimail).

    For spyware, I’ve started using windows defender a lot. And I’ve found AVG anti-spyware to be the most effective program (but you need to pay around AU$65.00 per 2 years). I highly reccommend AVGAS… Its worth the money.

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  3. We at IncrediMail understand your frustrations and would like to try and help. We also encourage you to share any feedback with us at this link (http://www.incredimail.com/english/contactForm.asp?deptSelect=1)

    IncrediMail is not spyware. We are certified by industry leading groups as 100% spyware free. In fact, IncrediMail vehemently opposes any kind of behavioral targeting and believes strongly in providing our customers a safe and free email experience. (http://www.incredimail.com/english/incredimail/safe-and-free-incredimail-download.aspx)

    Thank you for considering IncrediMailâ„¢. And please visit us at http://www.incredimail.com to learn more.

    The IncrediMail Media Team

    • Incredimail is responcible for so many problems, its plethora of issues, conflicts, injection of Malware into other systems is well known by techs world wide.

      I empathise Luigi, our policy after being repaetedly indirectly effected by customers ignorance is to tell them the truth.

      Lets face it, the majoroty of our customers cause their own problems, (not intentionally obviously) but it gets to the point that we are no longer willing to take food off our table because someone who is ignorant may be upset that their broken PC continues to break after they change their mind or don’t want to pay to get it fixed at the halfway point.

      Our client base is 80% good, 14% OK, but we now fire the 6% of ignorant technophobes, some before we’ve met them on the phone & some immediately after the first & last job. Life is too short. tell it like it is & only refund when you’ve actually made a mistake & not when someone without a clue assumes you have.

  4. HMMM lets see addressing both the host here and incredimail or as I think of it, incredulousmail!)

    I installed it as I had done some browsing and had not been satisfied with the offerings of stationary I had found available for use with MS Outlook or rather the lack of it. That and I haven’t seemed to find the right combination for making my own stationary templates as some sites have suggested is available.

    So in short I downloaded Incredimail “hoping” yet doubting it would be of much value.

    I received no spyware warnings or the like from Mcafee or Malwarebytes so proceeded. In the following days I have continuously had to change my home page back to what I had it set to despite settings that prevent it from being changed. My first clue it must be some sort of spyware. My computer has frozen and had various other issues since using this program. I am also amazed at all of the places i have found its entries of one kind or another in my registry.

    Thus I will be removing it asap!

    For anyone considering downloading and using this junk you may want to know ahead of time that you will be asked and required to give your password and user name to any email accounts you opt to use with incredimail.

    I absolutely feel my security has been compromised at best, I fear worse. After uninstalling and a full online virus/spyware scan and a run of CC-Cleaner, I will be changing my passwords to the accounts used since I installed the program a few days ago.

    In short if you value your computer and privacy don’t do it. no amount of stationary is worth the possible risks posed by a program that changes your home page despite settings to prevent such, causes IE crashes and errors and who knows what else.

    NO thanks incredimail you may be ranked by those groups however I wonder if the program hasn’t changed since you received those ratings? Or if the ratings mean as much as companies tout? Anyone?


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  6. Anyone working in IT supporting home users has my sympathy these days.
    I did it for 8 years and threw the towel in April 2008
    Went to work in a non IT related job.
    I’m rebelling these days having moved all my PC’s and Server to running Linux.

  7. For what it’s worth, a client is using Incredimail and I have analyzed the source of their correspondence and found no cookies, or external references with unique identifiers, and no scripting. It does have embedded image attachments, which though annoying, are benign. What it does on the side of the user using it I cannot say, though responding to posts I may have seen elsewhere questioning why it requires your email address and password and mentioning that their servers process your mail: How else is it to connect to your mail server and obtain your email for you, and how else is it going to send your email – just like ANY other email client software?
    My conclusions? The jury is still out, more data needed, but definitely no conviction yet.

  8. Incredimail is NOT Malware. Proffesional software such as BullGuard IS even has a Spamprotection for it, AND it’s a Microsoft Partner. Yea, sure, Microsoft gives out partnership to hackers. We are NOT talking about SmileyCentral here.

  9. Incredimail – certified 100% spyware free? Hmm.. I just drove 2 hours to remove this software from my parents’ computer. They have no idea how it got on their PC and took over. They called the number on incredimail.com and were told it could be removed if they paid $69. They said (as any normal person would), “WHAT? We do not want to pay to have this removed.” The foreign person on the other end of the phone line, with a sound clarity as though the connection were to the other side of the world, replied, “Good bye.” and hung up on my father. I think this sounds 100% like malware.