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Microsoft Outlook cannot send receive error 0x8004060C — 2 Comments

  1. The customer was lucky the database did not get corrupt.

    The reason many PST files are limited to 2GB is because that was the limit in Office 2000, Office 2003 and newer allow larger PST files.

    This can cause problems with even newer versions of Outlook because the database design doesn’t automatically change when MS-Office is upgraded.

    A good way to fix this is to create a new PST with the higher limit, and make that the primary drop point for all new mail.

    Make sure to move contacts and calendar entries to the new database.

    Of course this will also lead to larger databases 🙂 yesterday I had a customer with a 5GB PST as his primary mail database.

    As I was writing this, I just learned that Outlook 2003 creates/supports up to 20GB PST files (eek!)

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