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more asus wl-520GC problems with VISTA — 2 Comments

  1. “By changing the setting to “G only”, vista stops being able to connect. I think this is a fault with the asus router… setting it to “G only” should allow (not prevent) “G” cards from connecting.”. I have a simular problem in xp. My xp machine comes up on my router as 802.11b but is running at 54mbps. If I select 802.11G connections only I can not connect. My network card is an RA-link.

  2. I suspected that G-only was disabling the G protocol… I just didn’t have the time to confirm it.

    Looks like there is a fault with the asus router.

    BTW: Because of this, I have been avoiding Asus routers in general. It seems like such a simple fault, that it should have never made it into production.

    Thanks HermitZ!