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Overheating laptop — 5 Comments

  1. Most of the times, dust will settle and hardened which will make pushing air into it useless. Like you said, it’s best to take it apart and clean each part one by one.

  2. i try to keep my lappy on table instead of bed or sofa…..i believe that is much better…cause the heat easily flows out…..

    try to clean my lappy everymonth…especially those heat fins attract a lot of dust…..it a good practice …. doesn’t let carbon settle on your wires and circuits

  3. A co-worker (fellow tech) told me to be cautious when blowing condensed air backwards thru the heat sink.

    As most DC motors are designed, they can also generate current when they are spun rapidly. Therefore spinning a fan by blowing condensed air across the blades can cause the motor to generate well over 12v, and can feed this voltage back into the system board.

    Since I have learned of this, I will often stick a toothpick or straightened paperclip into the fan blades to prevent spinning.

  4. HI mates,

    overheating? damn have to be carefull of that i remember some toshiba laptops had this kind of pb with their battery…

    Better check the reviews onbline before to buy!

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    Hope it can help