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pioneer dvr-111 writing problem — 3 Comments

  1. I bought a Pioneer DVD-111D a few days ago and had exactly the same problems as described in you Entry for 19th sept 06.
    So I followed your solution and it works. Now, how do I fix the ‘old’ DVD drive so that it also works. I had changed the “Divice Configuration Jumper” to the second postion – Slave mode, but it still conflicts with the ‘new’ drive. Incidentally it works perfectly still, but some other readers cannot read the DVDs it burns, which is why I bought the new drive. (It reads all CDs and DVDs presented to it! It is an ‘OPTORITE’ DD1601 which came with the PC when new.
    Any help gratefully received.
    Peter AB

  2. Hi Peter,

    I’ve since found that pioneer drives seem to have a cable select jumer position that doesn’t work correctly.

    You need to make sure both drives on the cable are manually set to master and slave (I don’t like doing it, but with many pioneer drives, you don’t have any choice).

    Of course, you should try the other drive and have it write at a slower rate… I have a Samsung that is supposed to write at 16X, but the DVDs it creates (even at 8X) don’t work well. I found that 4X or 2X makes them work better.

    I eventually upgraded the firmware, it it now burns ok at 8X, but I’m still avoiding 16X.

  3. Thanks for the helpful tips, I had a problem with a new 111D drive, power calibration error, i upgraded the firmware from 1.23 to 1.29 and seems to fixed alot of my problems.