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Removable motherboard trays… — 2 Comments

  1. Did you try just using a USB keyboard?

    Sometimes it’s an easy fix for damaged

    And cheap!

  2. I would have done that, if I could be sure it was the only problem.

    It happens often, that I try to fix problem 1, only to find that there is now problem 2 that needs fixing first, but problem 3 also needs fixing before I can complete the fix for problem 2…

    Or I fix problem 1, and then find many others needing fixing…

    Given the age of the computer, spending any more than 1 hour diagnosing a problem starts making a replacement computer a more attractive proposition.

    Besides, I don’t have any usb keyboards at the moment, and I was going through a very busy time, so I just didn’t have the time to do my usual routine of charging customers for less time than I actually spent fixing a problem.

    Business is good at the moment, and if it continues like this, I’ll have to take on some subcontractors (but only if I can find good quality people… I won’t expand by lowering my standards).