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Samsung SCX-4216 scanner will not scan (-312601.75) — 2 Comments

  1. Just installed Vista and though it recognizes the printer side, it does not see the scanner. Downloaded Vista upgraded drivers from SAMSUNG and still no luck

  2. Vista (despite its long gestation) seems to lack good drivers from most peripheral makers.

    It feels like printer makers have 10,000 CDs in the warehouse, so they want to sell them all, before creating any Vista driver CDs to sell with new printers/scanners/etc.

    Since the final version of Vista was available in Nov / Dec 2006, then 4 – 5 months should be plenty of time to release updated CDs.

    But it probably saves them 1 cent per peripheral, so they must believe its OK…

    If I were you, I’d totally uninstall the driver, clean out the samsung folder, and remove any samsung reference from the registry, then reinstall (remember, altering the registry is a very risky process!).