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Save Money and Go Green with Your Mobile — 4 Comments

  1. I think that it is at least a start that cell phone companies are at least starting to have a “green” initiative. I know that many of them are promoting to recycle old cell phones, and under some circumstances, they will buy them from you!

  2. Using a SIM plan can save you money. These deals allow you to keep your phone but more to a new, usually much cheaper monthly contract as there’s no new phone to pay for. There’s more information at this website on some of the best SIM only plans and how to pick the right one for your mobile.

  3. Yeah, mobile phone companies make millions in profits every year, do you think they care about the environment! Many years ago greenies were called tree hugging hippy grubs, these days a lot more people are trying to make a difference… Funny that isn’t it, those hippies were onto something.