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Seagate st1000dm003 sometimes doesnt start — 1 Comment

  1. Seems like even with the newest drvies, even in non-RAID situations, even with the newest firmware (SD1B and CC1H), people (including myself) are still having issues.I have 6 of these drvies currently. I’m waiting for two more I RMA’d to come back. Of the 6, all are Current on firmware. 4 run SD1B. The other two run CC1H. All 6 have issues, some more than others.3 of them run pretty smooth most of the time. If you go to copy a file bigger than 40MB or if you are streaming from them, they will give you intermitten pauses. Sometimes the pause is 5 seconds. Sometimes it more like 15-20 seconds.1 of the remaining ones will go 3-4 days without a problem and then, suddenly, just disappears from the drive pool. A reboot normally fixes it.The other 2 have strange drive write issues. Sometimes you write to them and all is well. Othertimes, you get cyclonic redundancy errors or the whole system locks up.I’ve never had problems with drvies in this computer. It really is something to do with these particular drvies. I’m holding out until Seagate either has a cure or Western Digital releases the 2TB Green Drives. Something has to give.