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Stupid HP share-to-web upload folder (and how to remove) — 27 Comments

  1. i am having the exact same problem with the share-to-web program. hp support helped me get rid of the icon on desktop, but not the program (which is what i had asked for). I read the solution that you used at msfn.org. However, I need it explained in some simpler terms. I know the registry has to be altered, but I also want to know if BOTH of those sections need to be done..the registry keys AND the files deleted??
    sorry, I want to get this done, but I am not a super confident technical person. Help, please.
    Thanks. Annette

  2. Ok, I’m not sure if you want to remove the entire HP scanner software (if so, in control panel, go to add/remove programs, and uninstall the HP scanner software)

    Otherwise, if its just the sharetoweb software, then I’m not sure.

  3. Sorry, that last comment didn’t make much sense…

    I just re-read what you wrote, and the answer is: yes, you must delete both the registry keys and the files

  4. Thanks Roger…

    Looks like HP have eventually provided the info they should have done long ago.

    Even better would be to not install the stupid thing in the first place.

  5. Come on guys, this does NOT solve the problem. One of the main problems is that right clicking the icon on the desktop freezes up the computer altogether! Google this problem and you will find that this happens for many people. So HP’s suggestion is useless because it does not work.

  6. The answer is easy. Click ‘start’- ‘all programs’- hp share to web’- Then click on “hp share to web setup wizard” Just click next until you get to the page that has a button that says “do not show hp share to web icon on desktop” and click finish. This is what the HP site is trying to say. Someone on drugs probably wrote that for the HP site.

  7. Thanks Tom. I had the same problem and right clicking the icon on my desktop has been freezing up my computer over and over again. Just like it happened to so many other people with the same problem, as I could see by googling this issue up.
    How can the HP site not take care of informing their customers in a correct way about how to handle problems or issues that are caused by themselves? Good that there are guys like you.
    Thanks again… from Luxembourg in Europe ( just around the corner 🙂 )

  8. THANK YOU Tom Brent….I have looked and looked for that info for months. HP software is really annoying with that and the ReadIris crap….

    Run the Share-to-Web Setup Wizard…..why cant that be on the HP site????? then select the do not show….could not be simpler if they would only tell us.

    THNX BIG time Tom Brent

  9. Followed this with baited breath as I also have the same problem. However, I do not have “HP Share to Web” in my list of programmes from clicking Start – All Programmes. I just have my HP printer and other associated icons, which did not include the offending one. When I clicked on uninstall from this sublist I was told I was about to uninstall the actual printer and everything else. Does anybody have another solution to get rid of it other than Tom’s answer of 24/08/07?

  10. Its simple to remove the desktop icon:
    1. Delete the ‘share to web folder’ in program files hp or hewlett packard.
    2. Run the free program ‘CCleaner’ which will find all the related registry items. Delete them.
    3. Right click the desktop icon and click delete.

  11. To get rid of the desktop icon simply locate the folder on the start menu called “HP share to web” under all programs and run the setup wizard. After hitting next a few times there is an option to remove the icon!!!

  12. In case the registry info on the link gets lost at any point, here is what to do:

    Remember: do this at your own risk. Editing the windows registry can seriously damage your computer.

    If in doubt, use Tom Brents solution (above) instead.

    Delete the following keys:
    “HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionShell ExtensionsApproved{A4DF5659-0801-4A60-9607-1C48695EFDA9}”
    HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun: “Share-to-Web Namespace Daemon”

  13. “Share-to-Web Upload Folder”
    is not a file. It is a folder with a special abilities.
    Most of its settings and values that cause this folder to exist, are stored in the windows registry. I encountered a problem while

    removing this icon from my desktop the usual way.
    I am user of Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems, and this problem ocured on Windows Vista.
    There was no Delete option, and the only way to remove it, is by using its own special options provided by that icon when clicked

    with right mouse button on it.
    These options offered to “Not show this icon on desktop”.
    But, whenever i select that option, and click “Next>” the application freezes.
    And that’s it… end of the story, you can’t remove
    it …you can’t do anything…

    But actually you can … here is how i did it.

    The following steps should help removing this icon from desktop: …


    1. Start > Run > “regedit.exe” {enter}

    2. Click the computer icon on the top of the branch on the left side.

    3. Edit > Find > “Share-to-Web Upload Folder” {enter}

    …found something like this…

    {A4DF5659-0801-4A60-9607-1C48695EFDA9} > delete the entire folder from the branch on the left side.

    NOTICE: The “{A4DF5659-0801-4A60-9607-1C48695EFDA9}” value might be different from the one I found.

    Edit > Find Next (or you can click F3)

    {A4DF5659-0801-4A60-9607-1C48695EFDA9} > delete it.

    Edit > Find Next …

    Key: {A4DF5659-0801-4A60-9607-1C48695EFDA9} > delete it.

    Find Next …

    {repeat these steps “Find next, delete” until you delete all the values containing the word “Share-to-Web Upload Folder”}


    Finished searching.

    6. Refresh your desktop, and the icon is gone, removed.

    There is no need to uninstall the program that is related to this icon.
    If the program such as scanning software (related to this icon) works then it would be a good idea to leave it.
    The only problem I had was removing this icon, because i didn’t really need it.
    Everything else worked just fine.
    Windows registry in windows operating systems is database that holds all settings related information.
    There you can change all sorts of stuff related to installed applications and operating system itself.
    Editing the windows registry in wrong ways could cause a system damage.
    The steps given above edit a windows registry and should not cause any kind of system damage.

  14. cyberdjox i love you thanks a billion that icon was really pissing me off and i almost broke my computer

  15. After trying a lot of suggestions I have succeeded doing this:

    1 – I deleted the folder Share-to-Web at C:/Program Files/Hewlett-Packard;

    2 – I clicked on START/Run … I wrote down msconfig and unmarked all references to HP as for exemple hpgs2wnf and hpgs2wnf.exe … I also made a search on hpgs2wnf at Hard Disk C and deleted any reference to it ….

    3 – I used regedit to delete all the references to Share-to-Web … or better, I clicked on Start, Run …. wrote down regedit and clicked OK …then I clicked on Edit, Search and looked for Share-to-Web and deleted them.

    Finally I MADE A BACKUP of my Windows Registry by using the RESTORE and only then I used the following batch File …. by using Notepad, copy down the following lines and change the extension from txt tp bat.

    REG DELETE “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClassesTypeLib{8F5E5E7C-43FA-4BAC-9358-04E34CB46545}” /F
    REG DELETE “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersio nExplorerDesktopNameSpace{A4DF5659-0801-4A60-9607-1C48695EFDA9}” /F
    REG DELETE “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersio nShell ExtensionsApproved{A4DF5659-0801-4A60-9607-1C48695EFDA9}” /F
    REG DELETE HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun /v “Share-to-Web Namespace Daemon” /F

    Rebooted Windows XP Professional……

    I hope it’ll be useful for someone.

  16. Thanks cyberdjox,

    Using regedit.exe worked and got rid of that damn desktop folder. That thing has been sitting there and bugging me for more than a year!

    For those like me who don’t know much about the darkside of the bios. (follow cyberdjox advice on entry 15 and) Just Search – hit delete – F3ing the lot!

  17. Thanks alot! Start > Run > “regedit.exe” {enter} really worked!! You really helped alot! I’m not going to use any HP product again!!

  18. Hi everyone. I’m very glad that my advice helped people in here. These kind of things are something that I deal with all the time 🙂 . Those “bugs” from HP with that non-deletable icon is mainly Vista related. Software for many older HP scanner products are made for compatibility with Windows XP and not for some newer systems like Vista and similar. That’s why this bug with non-deletable icon occurs. I had this problem only with Windows Vista. I mostly use HP products because when it comes to printing and scanning, those are the best products in my opinion. And to be honest with you, Windows Vista is the WORSE operating system I have ever used in my entire life! The only thing that OS is good for is gaming, and nothing else. …internet security sucks on Vista …actually a lot of things suck on Vista, but I believe I don’t have to say that because you’ll see that for yourself if you are using it. Shame on Microsoft 🙂 . For HP products and similar, I would suggest using Windows XP Service Pack 2 with latest hot fixes and patches that can be downloaded from the Microsoft’s website. Also, there are HP drivers for Ubuntu 8.10 on the net. (if you use Linux 🙂 ). I hope that my advices will help to many more people that come here. Have a nice day everyone.

  19. I am convinced that hp produce great scanners. But since I got my 2400, I learned to swear. The software to use this great scanner is STUPID. I’ve complained to hp when on warranty and they behave same stupid way.

    It is possible to do things but it is extremely difficult because features are hidden or appear at wrong situation. In general the software makes this scanner useless.

    Does anyone know if there is an alternative software available?

    I have used lots of scanners in last 20 years. It seems that humble canon is the simplest to use and when you press a button you know in advance what will happen.
    With hp you do not know where to look for you want, or if there is something what will it do. Two sets of manager on desktop, what they do and why not 22 managers? then which twain driver to choose, one is about same as other. What a nonsense. It is very frustrating to use this p.. ..t.

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  21. If it freezes after right clicking on desktop icon, you can try this:
    1. Double click on the icon to open the folder.
    2. Select Tools –> Folder Options
    3. Select Settings Tab.
    4. Click Setup button.
    5. Choose Do Not Show Share-To-Web Folder.

    This should get rid of the folder from the desktop!


    You deserve a medal. That thing had been annoying me for MONTHS. I’m particular about clean and order on my computer, especially desktop files.

    Thanks again.


  23. can’t find share to web folder, things in the menu are desktop icon, my ebooks, my music, my pictures, my computer, my network places, recycle bin, new folder, so is the ne folder the share to web folder