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Telstra cable internet problems — 3 Comments

  1. hi, im just wondering i recently got Telstra cable, about a month ago,and i previously had ADSL 2. Now the problem is my internet for the cable keeps dropping out, and i cannot watch live streaming like i use to on my Adsl 2. Our monthly cap is 25 gig, but we just got it refreshed this month but still the same problem. please Help

    Thank you=)

  2. Hi Zane,

    Firstly: Cable internet tends to be slower than ADSL. The reason:
    – ADSL means your modem is connected directly to the adsl exchange (where capacity and speed is usually very high)
    – Cable means the modem shares the cable line with others on your street (or streets).

    In practice, what most cable internet users experience is:

    – at 4am, you tend to get great speeds
    – after 5pm, after all the schoolkids are doing homework/surfing, and adults are also surfing, you often get very low speeds.

    Its probably worth trying a different PC with the modem, just to make sure the bottleneck is not with the PC.

    If its not your PC, then it looks like a telstra sales-droid tried to convince you that cable is better and/or cheaper.

    You can usually do much better with ADSL via another company like TPG (I’m not affiliated with TPG in any way… but I’ve often found their plans are great value-for-money). YMMV


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