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The Best Way To protect Your Computer in 2011 — 6 Comments

  1. even with having McAfee installed in my computer it kept getting infected.I now use Norton 360 ans I have not been infected at all.

  2. Security is an essential concern in our lives and when it comes to computers, there is no exception. That’s why there are passwords to protect your data from unauthorized access. Also, there is anti-virus to prevent viruses, Trojans and the lot from attacking your computer.

    Here also a great article on computer intrusion for everybody’s reference.

  3. Running your browser in a sandbox is currently the best way to prevent your system from becoming infected.

    Sandboxing creates a small virtual environment where all system changes spawned from the browsing session are never really written to the host system.

    If an apparent infection arises while browsing in a sandboxed session, all one needs to do is to kill the browser session, and empty the sandbox.

    Two applications that I know of and use are Sandboxie, and Avast antivirus. I’m sure there are others. I also believe that there will come a time when the malware creators figure out a way around sandboxed applications, but it hasn’t happened yet.

  4. Personally I would recommend internet security suites from either Kaspersky or Norton – latest independent reviews I have seen give McAfee lower ratings.

    However, viruses are now so common (and sophisticated) that only better education will really help keep users safe e.g. keep Windows and web software like Adobe Flash/Reader up to date, don’t visit dodgy sites, use safe search software like Web of Trust etc.

  5. I never use 3rd party tools to configure security settings as the native tools in Windows offer all you need. However now I have said that I must say that for AV I use Avast antivirus as there are no real native tools in windows that are worth talking about!