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thunderbird: how to delete tags that you don’t need — 21 Comments

  1. Thank you SO much! I made up a few tags at work-then decided I didn’t want them-then went crazy trying to find out how to delete them!

  2. Yes thanks for sharing! And your answer is the first hit on searching thunderbird delete tag on Google so it’s sure it will help many people.

    Additional question: I’ve added quite many tags, but I want them to appear in a definite order in the menu to tag a message, anyone knows how to do that ? (I’m afraid this is going to be much harder…)

  3. oh, Thank YOU! Those extra tags have been driving me absolutely nuts. Now I have a lovely batch that applies perfectly to what I do. Wonderful!

  4. Many thanks for helping on this issue. I adore your way of explanation, where as from days, I was searching how to get rid these extra tags and to make my own.

  5. To do this on a Mac go to Thuderbird > Preferences > Display > Tags tabs and delete from the list with the delete button.

  6. Thank you so much! That was such an irritant. Had put tags for email from a company I left and I really wanted it out. And my tags were getting cluttered and confusing. Lol… Much appreciated!