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Tips To Prevent DLL Errors — 4 Comments

  1. The best tool I found recently for clean up was Revo uninstaller. it literally cleans up even the registry keys left by uninstalls.

    I wonder if you can address cleaning up after some of these windows updates. I downloaded them automatically at first until I saw how many of them seemed to appear, almost daily. I don’t see why I should be downloading updates daily, especially for programs I rarely if ever use – like ie.

    I also removed mediaplayer 10 because it played total havoc with all other sound and media aps. the ver 9 works just fine for my pod and mp3 sync needs.

    your addressing dll and uninstall and restore functions is highly appreciated.

  2. Really informative post.

    I’m maybe one of the ‘expert’ who smile whenever a customer came to me and ask to repair their missing DLL problems.

    I agree that missing DLL isn’t a big problems and can easily be solved using Windows CD installer. But hey, business is business, I don’t think teaching them how to repair it is appropriate.

    But then again, I’m 100% agree that people should be aware of how to avoid such problems. They could save lots of money and time.

    And one more thing, some antivirus actually delete some DLL, it happen to me and some of my friends, I don’t know why, but maybe there is some possibility that DLL file resembles virus pattern or something. Still checking it up.


  3. Informative blog post. I generally use Revo Uninstaller which list all the registry entries, installed files etc and allows to clean up all left overs.

    Thanks and Keep it up !!!!

  4. @RE Ausetkmt: I’ve also had problems with media player 10 (on a clean install of XP, it would refuse to play DVDs… after the 3rd time I just gave up on WMP10)

    @LiQuidsilver: Everyone is different. Some people want to learn how to avoid problems, others are happy to get an expert to “fix it”. You can also learn to service your car, do your tax return, and represent yourself in a court case… but maybe getting an expert can be the best solution.