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Tricky virus infection — 2 Comments

  1. hi,
    little flashing warnings?

    Sounds like one of the smitfrad variants.

    It pops up in various incarnations such
    as spy sherrif,spyax etc

    It can be a bugger to move, but there is an automated tool.

    Sometimes even this doesn’t work.”Hijack this”
    can then help dig out remnants.The forum guys
    are really helpful at reading the logs HJ creates
    and ID’ing problems.

    I’d suggest doing a search on google
    for info on it.

    Hope this may help.


  2. Hi Dave,

    I don’t think the warning flashed. It was a small dark box with a red border.

    It appeared for a few seconds, then dissapeared… Similar to how Norton pops up a notification box to say it blocked (or allowed) some traffic, based of one of its rules.

    Anyway, it was easy to remove once the drive was not the primary drive.

    I’ve used Hijack This for lots of spyware, but HJT cannot detect a true virus which attaches itself to an exe or dll.

    Yep, the forum guys are helpful, & I usually find a solution by just finding someone else who had a similar problem (I don’t want to clutter the forums with duplicate requests).

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Now I just need to find some time to work on an “in the field” virus/spyware removal system…