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userinit.exe and wininet.dll application error. The application failed to initialize properly 0Xc0000005 — 12 Comments

  1. I see Avira to have consistently highest scores in av comparatives tests. It is one of the free known to me antivirus makers who provide a free version with real-time protection and automatic updates. And antispyware included. A big surprise for me was that it detects Vundo – while paid MCAfee VirusScan doesn’t.

  2. I’ve noticed a huge increase in the popularity of this post over the last few days.

    I’d be interested if anyone can shed some light on why this is happening.

    I suspect that the infection(s) that is causing this has suddenly increased its presence, and/or maybe some major security software is currently unable to remove the infection.

    I’d be interested to know if this article has been helpful.

    Even knowing what you searched for to get here would be interesting to know.

    So don’t be shy: please leave a short reply.

  3. I am a real novice at correcting problems but I googled the error message and got your link. I’m just trying to get a correct startup

  4. Hi my son’s PC got infected by this virus as well, as I’m a nood to PC, care to show me the steps to remove this virus, despite my colleague tried to boot up from a CD it still can’r resolve or get rid of this virus. Sorry, really needs your help, esp giving instructions in step-by-step. Tks in advance.

  5. Unfortunatly, a step-by step solution is not easily done.

    The best way forward would be for you to post a hijackthis log. And create a bartPE (or ultimate boot CD 4 windows – UBCD4WIN), for deleting any stubborn files.

  6. Google led me here 🙂

    A system was given to me for repair which was showing this error, along with some other interesting symptoms, for instance, trying to run regedit or regedt32 produced a message that “another program is using that file”. Both (paid) AVG 7.5 and TrendMicro Housecalls gave the drive a clean report after a couple passes, even though I *knew* some of the files in system32 were not kosher (nice fresh dates and randomized filenames, dlls & exes). Removed all permissions to those files and the system (so far) is behaving better.

  7. Am also investigating a very similar problem for a client at the moment. Already tryed as mentioned above, but still no joy.

    It would appear to be some kind of threat that although has quite possibly been removed, has caused damage to the OS.

    The investigation continues! 🙂 will post if i find a resolution, if not, i’ve reinstalled it from scratch.

  8. Hey all!

    Okay so I have been searching everywhere to fix my problem, no one seems to be able to help. I’m starting to worry I may have take out my hard drive, put it in a spare comp, and completely redo my everything and then put the files back in. Which I reeeeeaally doont wanna do.

    Okay here goes, hope somebody can help!!!!!::::

    After Windows logs in I immediately get a box that says Userinit.exe The appliciation *random number here* failed to initialize properly…. then you can either “click ok to remove the application”, or else I can just close the box. Either way, all I get is my wallpaper. NO icons, NO start menu, NO..I repeat NO way t get a task manager, ctl+alt+delete does nothing. I put any disc in, inclusing antivirus software, and it doesnt do ANYthing.

    There it is. Thats my problem. It sucks. I have a feeling I got this when I tried to download soome aquarium screensavers from Limewire.


  9. Hi Mike Marshall.
    Seems like your system is in worse shape than the one I fixed.

    There are 2 things you can still try:

    1) create (using another PC), a boot CD (preferably BartPE or UBCD4Win). Make sure the boot order in your bios (ie press “del” or “F2” soon after the PC starts) shows that the PC will boot from CD before the hard disk.

    Once UBCD4Win boots, you can try scanning the hard drive for infections… this might make your system useable enough to be able to do a scan from safe mode (safe mode: press “F8” while system is starting).

    2) take out your Hard Drive, and connected to a system that you know works (and has virus/spyware protection).

    From this second system, scan your infected drive (it will probably appear as drive “E:” or some drive letter other than C: ).

    Again, this should make your system stable enough to be able to run in safe mode, and do a good scan with defender and/or antivir

  10. I came to conclusion that WinFixer is relatively harmless itself, but it clearly shows the state of PC security. Since it exploits vulnerabilities in MS Internet Explorer, I always recommend to all who fell victim to winfixer, to switch to Firefox. Also, some kind of active antispyware protection is badly needed, though lots of unknown antispyware programs never detect none of the malware variants.

  11. Thank you – had got to the same point on a friends computer, cleared lots with superantispyware, but missed the .dat file and was contemplating re-install (not nice with 3 childrens accounts). Renamed .dat to .tmp using UBCD (BartPE), and when all accounts worked fine, deleted the .tmp file. Just doing a defreg now, having updated antieverthing ware.