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using Edimax BR-6204WLG in client mode WiFi — 9 Comments

  1. Great guide!! followed it step by step and got mine working!!
    only comment was that I got stuck when using the v11 firmware being able to scan for my AP but getting a failure to connect message.
    updating to v12 worked for me.

  2. Thanks heaps, my problem is now solved.
    I was getting the ‘fail to connect’ message, but now with 1.12 it says ‘successful connection’.
    Thanks again.

  3. i followed the this guide step by step, upgraded the firmware to 1.12 then i was able to connect my 2 wireless router. But my client pc connected to edimax does not get any ip from my main router. any suggestion?

  4. Thanks for this! I never knew my cheap alternate router could become a relay. I wonder why Cisco routers don’t include this feature.