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Why I won’t use a ‘Registry Cleaner’ — 4 Comments

  1. I used a registry cleaner on our old laptop. I “cleaned” what they recommended to clean. Shortly thereafter I got the blue screen of death. Coincidence? I think not.

    I ran a different registry cleaner on my desktop computer (I think it was from Microsoft’s site) it said I had over 225 bad registry files, did I want to clean up my registry. Ummmm, NO. That computer runs slow, but I’m not about to have the same problem as the laptop.

  2. great post! i have similar experience with registry cleaners! l wouldn’t touch a registry cleaner with even a very long pole. they are crap and I believe, a certain way to make life difficult for honest, hardworking folks! there i finally got that rant off me chest!

  3. i just read your post about registry cleaners. i have them both laptop and desktop. i didn’t noticed any changes it made. i’ve been using it for almost 9 months now.

  4. Hi,

    i found some very good articles in your blog!

    But i disagree with this article 🙂

    I use CCleaner since years and i’m very happy with their in-built registry cleaner. You can download at http://www.filehippo.com

    I think it depends on the reliabilty of the company if you can use it safely. And which parts of the registry are scanned for cleaning.

    There are also registry optimizer on the market and these programs can make the worst troubles in shrinking the registry and “cutting” the holes.