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  1. “Wizz Kids” – the bane of our existence, I’d say. Just an idea with the inability to send emails out via google – a lot of ISP’s (telstra for sure) block you from using an SMTP server other than their own – hence, receiving mail from a 3rd party server will always work, but sending them out via a 3rd party server won’t. It’s all in the fight against spam, but very frustrating. just use the ISP outgoing server and all will be fine.

  2. Gmail actually use non standard SMTP ports other than the port 25 that is filtered by rounded-corner ISP’s such as Bigpond. This is simply a measure employed by Bigpond to make running an SMTP relay non viable and also stops the unknowing customer from relaying mail unbeknowns to them having been botnet’ed, which is on the rise these days.

    You will find most of the config settings on this page https://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=13287 and notice the TLS type as this differs in description between mail clients.

    Good luck, and don’t hate on wizz kids because they cut corners and don’t care to fully articulate what they have done on a computer to the customer, they will learn in time or move onto something else.

  3. In other words I would be suprised is ISPs like Bigpond use a form of deep packet inspection to filter SMTP/MX transit or switch it out through MPLS techniques, this would not be unrealistic though as anyone on their Bigpond Home /24 running attempting to run business services should probably be on the appropriate plan structure. But how would they go about juggling that kind of policy for the person who needs to work from home for some reason occasionally?

  4. Let’s hope that Wizz kid doesn’t have a remote control of that computer. Ugh!

    I had one in the house too.
    Re-installing windows over and over again.

    I’m 53, but I know it’s now worth destroying the sweater when a button is off.

    Now I’m the “Wizz kid” in the house, thanks to a good library book, study of help sections, a bit of thinking and people like you who want to share their knowledge and who can be called in when they’re at school. LOL!