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  1. The music industry is already so far behind. You just have to look at DRM laws to see that.

    I use itunes as my media player, that said I would never own an ipod. I’ve never downloaded songs from itunes or any of those others because of the drm laws.

    I used to use allofmp3.com. Haven’t topped up my account in years though because it is so cheap. They are meant to be getting shut down by the Russian? goverment as well because all though they say its legal the music artists never see any of the money they make.

    With so many media players, and music services (don’t forget Napster, Yahoo, Real Rhapsody etc) its a very confusing world. Everyone uses a diffrent combination to the next, so nothing is streamlined for the typical user.

    Check out this article on Cnet for an outline in Online Music Australia.

    And good luck with figuring everything out.

    P.S. To burn a cd in iTunes, make a playlist of the songs you want, insert blank cd, right click on playlist and select burn to disc. Hopefully that helps next time.

  2. Thanks hux.

    Next time, I’ll give the playlist a try.

    I tend to prefer using winamp for playing music (and jetaudio for video), mostly because thats what I started with.

    I don’t like the way itunes installs the itunes helper and ipod service… 2 more memory hungry apps that I don’t want to have active every time the PC starts.

  3. Actually I have noticed the iTunes helper and iPod service and i agree they annoy me alot.

    I originally started with Real One Player, then moved to iTunes, and having had unsuccesful luck with others I have never moved. I also now use VLC for video and that took a little getting used to.

    It amazes me how such “simple” programs can take so much adjusting to, not only for new users but experienced ones as well.

  4. I know what you mean by adjusting to simple programs.

    I guess they seem simple onle once you have adjusted to them.

    irfanview might be a good example. You just need 4 keyboard keys for viewing a folder full of photos (space, backspace, “R” “F”)… I love the speed, but most people just put up with whatever cr@p the digital camera maker installs… but then I also hate using the thumbnail view in windows explorer 🙂