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Another (simpler) way to view RSS — 3 Comments

  1. I have my homepage set as Google Customized, this seeing I also use Gmail. Within that page I have a few feeds from diffrent tech websites etc like Cnet.com.au, ZdNet etc.

    I to tried RSS programs, Firefox, other readers, and it just wasnt practical. Google homepage shows my feeds, very simpley, and its there if I want it, no hunting for programs, or anything else.

    Simple, yet elegant. Like the sidebar.

  2. Problem with RSS Feed in WordPress.
    I have a subdomain that I installed wordpress for another blog site, but the subdomain site's rss feed points to my parent site.
    Can anyone come up with any suggestions?

  3. I had a similar problem with my forum (smf).

    Turns out I installed it using “computeraid.net.au” but then decided to alter my other domains using a 301 redirection, to “point” to computer-aid.com.au

    The forum started acting strangely, until I realised that it couldn’t find the .net domain, as it kept getting redirected to the .com domain.

    After some searching, I found that all I had to do was change a setting in the index.php to point it to the right place.

    You might have a similar problem.

    Otherwise a reinstall of wordpress might be the way to go.