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dlink dsl-200 … its very different! (and Dodo gives bad service) — 1 Comment

  1. Ok well to begin with your first problem is a USB modem.
    For example if you pay for a 1500Mbps(1.5m) connection with any company it’s impossible for a USB modem to supply you with that as they all are limited to 54mbps for wireless model and around 100mbps for those that use phone lines.
    simple thing buy your self a $40 TP link modem, simple setup, very reliable.
    Also dont need dodo supporty as it always works also if u cant get yours working make sure you use PPO-E not PPO-E as stated on the dodo site

    So main thing is buy a normal wired Adsl modem.. u will get 2 x the speed.. and no hassles.. plus the first hard bump to ya USB modem will result in the death of both the modem and the USB port possible even ya cumputer as i’ve seen someone hit usb modem with arm then shorted the port which shorted out the whole motherboard,

    Victoria, Australia