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Beware the quiet infections — 4 Comments

  1. What if you do the Malwarebytes scan and the only thing it finds are two bad registry keys? How do I know that there still isn’t something hidden in my computer? Other than having a professional fix it?

  2. Hi Theresa,

    You can never be sure.

    I’ve heard of some infections that have been “tailored” to a specific company… designed to get specific information, and they don’t spread outside that company… very difficult to detect, and traditional anti-malware software just won’t detect it!

  3. Hey thanks for the heads-up on Malwarebytes! I already have the free AVG and Spybot on my ‘puter, but I wanted another program, just in case. It’s given my PC a clean bill of health, yay 🙂

  4. Well at least you answered my question even if it wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear…lol.. Thanks. I’ll just keep scanning with Malwarebytes regularly and keep up on all my Norton updates and keep my fingers crossed. 🙂