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microsoft feeds synchronization has encountered a problem — 5 Comments

  1. IE8 is a VIRUS, pure and simple.

    I would have used it, because I downloaded it thinking that they had learnt from their years of experience, but it is sluggish.

    When dropping ECs, for example, it can not show you what cards you have dropped on and which haven’t.

    So, I also had Chrome installed, which is at least 5 times faster than IE8, but then, all of a sudden, my chrome would open up and as soon as it loaded a page, would crash.

    On to Firefox, all of sudden, my trusty firefox, installed before IE8, was freezing up every three seconds.

    I also had Safari for Windows, and that started behaving the same way as the Chrome.

    So I uninstalled IE8 and BINGO, my Chrome and firefox were working like a charm.

    I am so very anti Microsoft now because of this dirty trick, and I am going to install LINUX on my machine so that MS can not use its operating system to try and block my other browsers simply because theirs is rubbish.

  2. Idiots are everywhere – IE8 stacks up well against the competition. Might not be the best but in comprehensive studies, it falls in the top 4 browsers and the difference between the top four is minimal. I repair computers for a living. If your computer is slow, it often is the result of malicious software poor computer management (remove temp files, defrag, use a good registry cleaner, increase memory) but NOT IE8.

  3. I too am confronted by the uncompromising task that needs answering properly. I am sick of the increasingly audacious attempts by those companies taking advantagage of ‘customers’ who wish to find ‘A Correct Solution’ to the notice “Microsoft Feeds Synchronization has encountered a problem and needs to close down”, “We are sorry for the inconvenience”. Companies try to interest compromised individuals, in to buying their particular ‘Registry cleaner, by any name’ when they must be aware that such cleaners are typical of the incapable many, and they do not and cannot resolve the situation! So, what is the appropriate authoritative response?

  4. Microsoft Feeds Synchronization error is due to some modification made to Internet Explorer, (it’s not restricted to IE8, but also IE7, too), generally after a Windows repair has been made. The solution is to reinstall IE8, (or IE7.) The error message should then disappear once rebooted.