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bigpond nextG 7.2 MF636 usb modem: Vista problems — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting that solution, saved me a lot of trouble. It’s July 2009 and the dickheads at Bigpond still haven’t sorted this problem out. I’m frequently amazed at the sheer weight of mediocrity that Telstra/Bigpond foist upon us in their software and hardware.

  2. That worked for me as well and everything fine until a reboot.

    When I plugged the stick in at first wanted to re register again, but after shutting down the software and starting again everthing looked OK until I tried connect.
    It appeared to connect but gives an internal IP address not on allocated by Bigpond hence no internet.
    All the help files seem to look online for support !!!! Good one Bigpond !!
    Bigpond’s answer after the 10minute stupid robot conversation say to disable the firewall. Already disabled. Disable antivirus. still no good.
    By this stage I am thinking this is a really good provider asking to give up any bug and hacker protection that I have in place and connect to the internet ??? I dont think so.

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