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Installing XP onto SATA hard drive — 2 Comments

  1. Is there a way to do this if the Bios won’t let you change the sata state.

    I have a HP Compaq CQ40-118AX with A Samsung Hard Drive.

  2. Yes, it is theoretically possible.

    It involves either:

    – slipstreaming the XP install CD with the AHCI drivers for your AHCI chipset (AHCI is not generic like the IDE standard)

    – create a floppy (or maybe a USB drive) with the AHCI drivers setup so that XP thinks they are SCSI drivers… so when you boot the XP install CD, you press F6 to load the SCSI drivers from floppy.

    It’s all rather messy, and I hate wasting time on the AHCI rubbish, since I can’t have a single slipsteamed CD that will work for all AHCI systems… Grrr