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Brisbane website design and SEO by Computer Aid — 2 Comments

  1. Is there any special techniques that can be used to optimize a wordpress blog on my server for SEO. One issue I see is no way to change the title tags on each page, where it seems to take the blog name for the home page.
    I have several hundred 600+ inbound links.
    I have pinged Technorati manually and used pingoat as well as pingomatic every time I add a new blog.
    There is plenty of content, about 30 articles.
    What else can I do? What else should I do to optimize my blog?

  2. I see what you mean… my blog seems to do the same thing.

    However, I haven’t done much to optimise my blog.

    I have added a weather section, which is updated every 30 minutes… maybe thats why google hits my blog 2500 times per month (about 3 times per hour)

    Google really likes my blog… but then I also publish new articles every 3rd day, so it has a lot of unique, original content. And although they say that on the web: “content is king”, others (including myself) prefer to say: “good, fresh content is king”.

    changing page titles might give you a 1% to 10% boost in ranking, but frequent, regular articles, can give you a 50% – 200% boost in traffic and a huge increase in ranking.

    Do the hard work, and it will pay off.

    Take the quick & easy way out, and the benefits (if any) will only be short lived.