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d-link failure season — 6 Comments

  1. I guess I should consider my self lucky I was looking at a d link but happen to see that the net gear was on sale so I bought that instead and now I’m glad I did.

  2. Hey I enjoyed reading your posts here! Good stuff! Helps me to learn more about computer stuffs! Cheers and keep up the great work man!

  3. We needed a SoHo router a few years back (before I discovered the joys of a Netopia Cayman, hands down the best ADSL router/modem out there, if your ISP supports it), so we were looking for something cheap. I was going to just buy a plain D-link router, but after rebates the router with a WAP built in was only about 5 bucks more, so we got that instead.

    I turned the radio off because at the time I didn’t own any wifi-equipment, but later on I got a newer laptop, then a PSP, then another newer laptop, and so on… it turns out the D-link WAP was a giant piece of crap and never worked right out of the box.

    Add this to that they commonly resell chipsets like Realtek (junk), and that their firmware involuntarily raped a few NTP servers without asking, and I don’t know why anyone would recommend their products. ;[

  4. can you specific model number of wireless router or modem? i have been use both NETGEAR and DLINK wireless routers, YES netgear is reliable and easy of use but not functional.
    -DLINK 655, most functional but lack of connection range, as we know it’s N WIRELESS ROUTER but signal range is not, i bought wireless amplifier booster to boost signal.

  5. Hi wilson,

    I have no specific model numbers. It seems to be a wide variety of models… not just recent stuff.

    each time the failure was different, so there is no pattern that I noticed. And I’m not going to keep a list of failing model numbers… this post is just something I noticed (subjectivley): your milage will vary.