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Entrecard and Computer-Aid.com.au traffic — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks very much for sharing this invaluable research with the rest of us bloggers and web site owners! It does seem that many are way too concerned with traffic instead of loyal readers and buying customers but then that is my opinion.


  2. EC does inflate traffic, especially as a large number of people only drop on those that have dropped on them and don’t even read the blog their dropping on, ie ‘drop and run’ merchants.

    The advantage is you do get a few regular readers who read and comment more than ‘nice blog’, but how many of these would remain regular readers if you stopped dropping I wouldn’t know.

    I did something similar to you a couple of weeks ago, I had got to the point where I was getting 400 drops on my blog, I then had a few days away so couldn’t drop, to my surprise I found that even though I had stopped dropping I still received about 125-150 drops a day while I was away.

  3. This is a pretty helpful article, since I have been thinking about the impact EntreCard ahs on my blog.
    This is quite interesting since I drop around 150-200 times every 2 days (I don’t have time to do so everyday).
    Since dropping however, I have noticed an increase in traffic, I have gone from having around 30 hits a day (it’s a young blog) to an average of 100 a day.
    To coincide with this, my adsense earnings have also jumped a great deal.
    I may not be getting a great deal of comments, however my blog must be reaching out to some interested parties, or otherwise they wouldn’t be clicking on my Google Ads, would they?
    Just a little food-for-thought.

  4. I’d like to thank you for continuing to drop on my blog, even though I haven’t been motivated to return drops in the past few weeks.
    Send me an 80×15 banner, and I’ll return the favor with a backlink in my footer 🙂

  5. Dropping EC cards will improve your Alexa ranking. I know Alexa ranking is not accurate but if one site is high in Alexa ranking, then it will be easier to monetize from it.

    Buddy, your site has a rank of 121,005. Very good, almost 10 times better than mine!