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ethernet doesn’t work. — 2 Comments

  1. A while back i bought 20 pcs with generic nics.
    Every now and again network connectivity would fail (half work) just like yours above. Plug in a new one and most of the time…fixed…except one day…
    I noticed the nic wasn’t in the bios resource list.
    These had asus m/boards which every now and again needed their bios reset to defaults. voila.

  2. Interesting.

    The PC was a HP (those with a compact case, which has to be virtually dismantled to do something simple like change the cd drive)…

    I always assume the bios just works, so that is a possibility, however:

    about 2 weeks later, the customer leaves a voicemail (Its between christmas and new-year, and I’m at a resort far away), saying that the usb connection has also stopped working.

    Since he wanted immediate help, he called someone else.

    Well, I reckon a virus or some spyware is the likely culprit… even though he had AV and AS protection.

    I now scan with AVGAS, if it doesn’t pickup a problem, then spyware isn’t the issue.