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XP wireless will not allow WPA — 2 Comments

  1. Interesting times. I think this the first
    time that laptops have been really
    cheap compared to desktops and
    become a viable alternative for the same
    or similar price..

    It’s probably the first time too
    that most machines still on the
    shelf are woefully undergunned
    to use the latest OS (As of Tuesday)
    if indeed they can run it at all.

    Especially the “Ultimate” version.

    I have a hard time with
    the approach of buying laptops
    as a main machine.Especially
    for business use.

    It can be a nightmare if anything
    fails. Sure it may be free,but how
    long will it take to repair/replace
    under warranty.

    Nothing like a big desktop
    for power.storage capacity
    and quick repairs when
    disaster strikes.

    Use a laptop for mobile,but
    keep a desktop as base HQ.

    By this I mean proper desktops
    not junk from H Norman, DSE

  2. I agree, David.

    Generally speaking, a desktop is a better long-term solution than a laptop. Even if you compare the junk Hardley Normal and Dicky Smithy desktops, with the junk $799 laptops from the same place.

    As I say to most of my customers: get a laptop only if you have a valid reason (it needs to move around, you live in a shoebox, and you DON’T have small kids with sticky fingers!).

    Otherwise, be prepared for large maintenance costs once the warranty expires.