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  1. An update:

    email support seems much better (and faster) than telephone support.

    After a few days, I got a list of companies that could actually supply the part I was after.

    cost: $48 plus $10 delivery 🙁

  2. Well acer have no clue on how to run a business

    acer wants to make “a profit” on their own repair center, it’s their business policy. They aim to make money out of any non warranty repair, and they put priority on paid repair before warranty repair.

    They have minimal technicians available, each targeting to fix 10 laptops a day, they replace the board, if it boots up, then they send it away.

    The people who picks up your phone gets 30k a year before tax, the people who work on your laptop gets about 35k a year, the people who dispatch your laptop get even less then that. Pretty much outsourcing their core business to the lowest bidder.

    The turnover in either the call center and repair center is near 100% in any given year (Gee we wonder why), long term staff are management people who doesn’t get their hand dirty.

    Once your unit is fixed, they log it in their notes and put it in a basket, someone sends it out, that’s the end to it. The person who sends out your unit has over 100 items to send at any given day, he doesn’t document it, and things often get lost. There is not much point to fire that guy either, they usually turnover within a couple of months.

    You can easily imagine that nobody in the low level sector cares about your problem. Anyone who had the least ability in the low level sector went off, the management people are just there to make reports.

    Let me shed some lights on how they produce their report to the directors, they ring back to ask you how you feel about acer services, rating of 1,2,3,4,5. (1 the highest 5 the lowest). Usually people go somewhere between 2,3,4 if they are not totally pissed off about certain things.

    But in the business report there is only 3 items, highly satisfied, satisfied, needs improvement (or similar). and 1,2,3 all indicates satisfied.

    They are also required to produce a call waiting time report every now and then with their competitors such as IBM and Dell. When they do that they selectively choose the time in which there are minimal calls in the acer queue (Eg: Friday afternoon), and calls in to Dell on a Monday morning.

    There are just so many manipulative tactics used by the management to deceive its customers. Management have been fired for not making enough profit on your warranty repair (in which you have paid for).

    Their core business is to lure people into buying a non warranty repair (That’s their only source of profit), the call center is put on pressure to promise that everything can happen, yes to next day pick up, everything done within the week. Once they charged your credit card, the fate of your PC is left to the same people who fixes PC for the least amount of money and they are absolutely indifferent to the outcome.

    They just need to log the job as fixed, rather or not your PC fails the moment you receive it, it’s not their concern, they met their target and they don’t get paid an extra cent for what they do.

    For the warranty guys, anything takes up to 2 weeks for repair. priority are given to the money paying customers.

    Simply put, ac*r don’t value what they are suppose to do, they want the warranty repair center to make profit for them instead of becoming an expense of the business.

    They don’t value their employees nor their customer. In case you are wondering why you got a reply so quick, is because they have replied to similar problems so many times previously. All the responder needed to do is copy and paste from a similar case and change the title.

    If you got a reply too quick and they said that they are all over the matter, don’t be happy, be suspicious, chances are no one is doing shit about it.

  3. I have an acer travelmate 5610 and my left hand side hinge has snapped and the cover is cracked. Can someone please tell me where I can get these parts and how to fix it?

  4. Bought an Acer flat screen which didn’t work. Sent it off to Highpoint, properly packaged with cords etc. After 4 weeks and numerous phone calls to Highpoint it was returned wrapped in brown paper in a large cardboard box. And it was not repaired. Highpoint once again said they would collect and repair – but that was 2 weeks ago. I’m still waiting for the courier. I will never buy Acer again. And avoid Highpoint like the plague.

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