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Large increase in internet usage: blame Norton pulse updates — 14 Comments

  1. thanks for this…. I suspect you have just provided me with the answer to why my kids have inexplicably been getting hit with charges for using more than their internet plan provides… will have to check that out.

  2. yep, the bigger the company, the greater the arrogance (just look at Microsoft and Vista).

    But then I never liked Norton… and Trend is also right up there, together with zonealarm, CA, Telstra Internet Security, etc etc.

  3. now I know, this might be one of the reason why there is an increase in internet. thanks for the info.. yet, nowadays it’s really a daily routine to a lot of people to use and surf the internet. from the internet you access information fast and easy..

  4. you are definitely right about this. I have Norton 2009 andif I forget to unplug my modem then when I come back I get a message stated that Norton has either updated or is done running their idle time scan.

    So I shut down now every night and I unplug my modem during the day when I take a break.

  5. Hi Justin.

    Maybe in USA its different, but here in OZ, internet costs depend on what speed you want, and how much data you download.

    If you download too much, you either get charged extra, or your connection gets throttled down to dial-up speeds.

    Maybe its because Australia is an island and so isolated from the rest of the world… getting internet usually involves a telco spending lots of $$$ to lay a high-speed undersea cable to the USA…

  6. ATT is the company that owns most of the Pacific transcontinental lines I don’t see why it would be so much for you all to get Internet. I guess it is the way it is LOL. I’m just very glad I don’t have metered Internet. I would have 500+ dollar bills every month.

  7. Hmm … I found an option to disable Pulse Updates in Norton. What’s your eyeglass prescription? If you disable Pulse Updates, Norton will download the updates that are released every 2 to 8 hours.

  8. Hi Colin,

    Whats your bank balance like?

    It wouldn’t be fair on the customer, if I spent (and charged for) an extra hour, while navigating nortons vast, confusing, and ever-changing control panel, searching for an option that might, or might not, be there.

  9. Well there is a “Settings” option on the main interface. In that look around for ~5 minutes max and you find the option. Found it the first time I opened the “Settings” menu.

  10. Have none of you guys considered unlimited broadband. You should all get unlimited broadband.

  11. Hi Stephen.

    You have failed to realise that there are many countries around the world that don’t have ISPs that offer unlimited broadband.

    Typically, Merry Can ISPs offer unlimited bandwidth. Australians don’t. Particularly Telstra and Optus (the 2 major ISPs).