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Musicmatch Jukebox causes strange behaviour — 3 Comments

  1. Musicmatch is a very complicated program. In all my experience with it, not only do I find it to be completely useless, but it has so many complications running with other programs. It always conflicts with Media Player, and is a giant memory hog.

    I would tell the customer to try switching to a more “friendly” player like iTunes or WinAmp. Or for a program very similair to Musicmatch but freeware and better running, Media Monkey.

  2. MusicMatch used to be decent back around the 6.x days, but since then it has just gotten more bloated and less useful with each release. Since he has Nero you might take a look at Foobar which includes CD burning using the Nero engine.

    On another note look at the Sysinternals tools (www.sysinternals.com), especially Process Explorer rather than Task Manager. They also have an excellent tool called Autoruns which lets you see all tasks, drivers, etc that run on startup. With these tools in your arsenal you will be better than ever at trouble shooting systems.