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  1. Sometimes you just have to love Micro$oft since they hide important things like that in the most obscure places nobody would ever think of, I recently restored a brand new dell at work back to factory defaults, spent a good while on the phone with dell, the tech informed me that that particular Motherboard didn’t play nice with a few of the windows updates so we had to black flag them and skip over them, we did a complete backup on the machine and after the restore and about 4 hours of reinstalling work related software we still never got Outlook working the way it used to. Normally when composing an email if you hover in the TO: field you can hit a letter and get a highlighted list of your contacts, We have tried everything even tried to import them again, It keeps telling us the folder does not exist however it is there, you just have to enter your address book and manually insert the contact. I know its some setting I have overlooked and it wasn’t that important that they wanted me spending an abundant amount of time trying to figure out.

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