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  1. Good advice, the majority of the supposed “security software” out there is actually malware intended to make you THINK you have a problem, when the problem is the software itself.

    You may want to post this for your readers.

    Good Antimalware:
    Spybot SD
    CC Cleaner

    if those programs cant fix your problems then you need serious proffessional help.

    Watch out for files like “Win Antivirus 2008” or any pop up windows from myspace that claim you have viruses or malware, they probably containt the Vondurant Trojan…and it isn’t fun or easy to get off.

    thought that might help anyone that was curious.

  2. Thanks matt.

    Although I’d change your list slightly:
    remove AVG (I’ve had a lot of hassles with it lately).
    add avira antivir
    add windows defender (I’m not an MS fan, but defender is actually quite good).

  3. Im with you on that one…Avira was good last time i used it (a while back)…and i dont use AVG myself…i have heard complaints about the new version.

    and defender isnt bad for microsoft