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Telstra frustration — 4 Comments

  1. It might have been easier to just stay with your wife lol!! I don’t have internet at home right now because I can’t find a way to do it. We have cell phones on a family plan through our son, we watch tv through our antenna tv and no land line…. We’ll figure it out some day, til then I don’t go on enough to worry about it.

  2. I too have “Duet” probs, although I still have the same wife (lol). I am the Hon Sec of a not for profit group I make outgoing calls via the Duet line and was getting two listings (one for each number) on the same bill. I then just gave my Treasurer his section to pay.
    The last bill came in with ALL numbers listed under the main land line number, no separation. Impossible to sort which is which, without manual recording as you make calls, and collate when the bill comes in.
    I’ve been told this is an enhancement to the billing system. Ok, so they now record all deatils of local calls ,(like I give damn about them, un-timed and fixed price)but thay don’t even say I have a “Duet’ on the bill.
    Their option is two lines, the extra costing 3 x the “Duets” $6 a month.