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Windows 7 WiFi authentication requests username and password — 11 Comments

  1. The reason why I am put a password for authentication request is that I am paying for the Internet connection. If a few of my neighbors decide to surf the net as well, the bandwidth or speed of your Internet is split or slows down.

  2. You don’t seem to understand my post.

    The problem was that W7 was asking for a USERNAME, when I was just expecting to be asked for a password.

  3. did you ever find out why this happens in windows 7, it happend to me twice, it asks for a user name instead of just a password when im trying to connect to my home router, and we all know routers dont have user names

  4. Hi Timmy. No, I’ve never seen it since, so I assumed it was just a once-off event.

    Maybe some routers are more prone to this problem.

    I have an old netgear dg834PN, and two w7 PCs (one is 64bit the other 32bit), and they have never had this problem in over 12 months of continuous use.

  5. Well i found a work around yesterday, i found a selection that says “configure internet manually” or something to that effect, it lets you key in ssid and type of encryption and password manually, then viola connects automatically, resetting the router didnt work for me running home basic windows7. Thanks

  6. that happens to my computer too and now i cant access my router. it requires a username and password for user credentials. and i dont know where it came from. cause i didn’t make any. can you help me please 🙁

  7. i just followed the instructions in making a password in my router and after the setting that i make is done the note says that i need to refresh the page and after that i had disconnected to my router and can’t access it to my computer T_T

  8. I just figured out how to fix this. Going off what Timmy said about manually editing the network I started to look for that option.
    Open your network and sharing center (right click on wifi icon or go through control panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center)
    On the right hand side click on “Manage wireless networks”. Then click “add” and select “Manually creat a network profile” and enter the details of your wifi. Click next and you are done. Might have to click next or finish but thats it.

  9. The problem is with the security setting. Either your wireless card is too old or the Access Point. The security setting will not match, result is what u r suffering from.
    Upgrade the older device. 🙂

  10. I’m using a router and a wireless adaptor from one company both are wireless n capable, from tplink, both support Windows 7 and I find it to be a poor excuse and a lazy one for one to always blame hardware or say hardware is old, clearly it is an oversight on Microsoft’s part or the manufacturer

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