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0x80072EFD and other internet problems with Norton Personal Firewall — 3 Comments

  1. Great tips, I wish I knew this a few weeks ago. After Norton ran out I decided to upgrade to Norton 360 and had two high risk viruses. Malware AntiBytes removed them but certain Norton products were removed. When I called Norton support they wanted 140 bucks to fix it and then they only guaranteed 7 days without any spyware. Nice huh? Off to Future Shop I went and paid 50 bucks for the problem to be fixed. I think it is time to look into another program…any other suggestions besides Norton? I hear Zone Alarm paid version is better….what do you think?

  2. Many years ago, I had such severe problems with zonealarm, that I swore I would never use it again.

    ZL might be better now, but I wouldn’t know. I’ve also seen unusual problems with McAfee, Trend, and AVG.

    I personally like Avira (uses minimal system resources).

    You can also try nod32 & avast, but I cannot be sure how good they are at the moment.

    Everyone has their own “favourites”, but the technology (and infections) change so often, that I cannot be sure what’s the best at any point in time…

  3. Wish i have known it earlier. I am an avid user of Norton but after my computer crashed, i give up. and decided to switch on other security software. However, after reading this post, i will return on using it again at the soonest possible time.